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think of anything that might have led to the tragedy in their comfortable neighborhood. a family of four, mother and father and their two teenage boys found dead in their home. >> it's shocking. >> it's scary to think it happened a few houses down from us. you never would have guessed it from how nice the family seemed. >> a friend or family member who arrived was obviously distressed after talking to detectives. signs point to murder suicide, but police are holding back information until next of kin are notified. >> detectives at this point have not gone into a lot of detail about the conditions of the bodies other than to say, most likely, the individuals are reported not being at work yesterday and today. >> neighbors say the couple bought their home 27 years ago and were original owners. we're told they had two boys in 10th and 8th grade. neighbors say the family was often seen sitting outside on their front porch. >> he is a big guy, burly guy.
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and she was kind of smaller and they were a cute couple and she was full of energy. just real energetic. >> sometimes when we had snowstorms and vdot hadn't cleaned up, he would help out and clear people's driveways for them. he was a good neighbor. he was a good guy and good family. >> police haven't released names yet pending notification of next of kin. we do know their oldest son was a sophomore at westfield high school and their younger son in 8th grade at rachel carson. counselors will be there tomorrow. peggy fox, 9news now. >> an ugly labor battle brewing between pepco and the international brotherhood of electrical workers. those are the men and women who fixed those power lines after the storm strike. the contract is over health, welfare, and other benefits. they are expected to vote tomorrow on what pepco calls its last, best, and final contract offer. the leader says pepco cannot
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rely on backup contractors if the weather turns nasty. >> we are the people that keep the lights on. not the management. we're the ones out in the bucket trucks and in the manholes and on the streets. >> a spokesperson says the utility does not want to strike, but it is ready for one. while the union is expected to vote on a contract tomorrow, they will vote separately on whether or not to go on strike against pepco. and more bad news for the u.s. postal service. usps expecting to miss a $5.6 billion payment due to the government and it is due by sunday. that cash is supposed to fund healthcare benefits for retirees. for now, the agency's lack of cash will not affect your mail. but, if the congress doesn't get started on this soon, mail delivery could be drastically cut. >> out on the campaign trail, president obama and republican presidential challenger, mitt romney, both in new york city
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today. the president making his case to the united nations. romney still making his case to you and me. >> president obama is urging fellow leaders to take a stand against violence in the muslim world. >> i do believe that it is the obligation of all leaders, in all countries, to speak out forcefully against violence and extremism. >> speaking to the united nations general assembly, president obama condemned the antiislam film sparking protests overseas, but said nothing justifies mindless violence. the president also had a message for iran and its developing nuclear program. >> make no mistake, a nuclear armed iran is not a challenge that can be detained. it will threaten the security of gulf nations and the stability of the global economy. >> after the president's address, he headed across town to speak to former president, bill clinton's gathering of global leader. that's where gop presidential challenger, mitt romney, began his day. joking about the perks of an
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introduction from the former president. >> if there's one thing we learned in this election season, by the way, it is that a few words from bill clinton can do a lot of good. >> romney also took a political jab at president obama. implying he has not done enough to confront foreign policy challenges in libya, egypt, and iran. >> we feel we're at the mercy of events. rather than shaping events. >> romney then headed for the campaign trail in ohio where he is joining running mate, paul ryan, in a bus tour of the key battleground state. randall pinkston, cbs news, the united nations. >> and president obama is campaigning in ohio tomorrow. a new washington post poll of likely voters shows the president leading romney in ohio 52-44 percent. the civil war in syria, the hot topic at those united nations meetings, the secretary general demanding global action to stop the fighting. an international charity claims that kids are now traumatized
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for life after they witnessed the devastation and perhaps endure torture as well. the group is now pleading with the international community. help syria's youngest victims. a ceremony today in la plata, honoring soldiers missing in action all the way from the vietnam war. this marks the culmination of an effort to make charles county the first county in maryland to fly the pow mia flag year round. an estimated 1700 american soldiers who served in vietnam are still considered missing in action. >> someone once said that dying for my country isn't the worst thing that can happen. being forgotten is. >> only one of the estimated 1700 missing soldiers from vietnam is from charles county. private francis mills, whose family was there at today's ceremony. >> 3,000 tickets in just ten hours. wow. virginia state cops opening up the dragnet on area highways over the weekend. troopers were issuing citations for speeding, reckless driving,
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and other traffic offenses on saturday. it's called operation air, land, and speed. and it targeted drivers on interstates 81, 95, 64, 66, and 85. and a live look outside right now. yet another gorgeous fall day. topper joins us now from the weather terrace. what's cooking up for the next few hours? >> you saw some clouds. it's very pleasant. we are fine, you can walk the dog, take a bike ride, but we have changes. let's start with temperatures. high 76. we are still 73 downtown. not as chilly as it was this time yesterday. nor will temperatures fall like a stone like they did yesterday. 70 in gaithersburg and manassas and also 70 down into andrews. satellite picture and the radar combined. we have clouds on the way. we have some showers. these showers you see to north and west of us, these aren't reaching the ground. another batch will move in later tonight. not until after midnight and before dawn here in the metro area. so increasing clouds, breezy, mild, shower possible by dawn.
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lows 54 through 62. we'll come back, though, derek, a cold front on the map. we'll talk about a touch of summer tomorrow and let you know if this cold front will leave us alone in time for the weekend. one local city makes the list for the wealthiest municipalities in the whole country. and later on, a possible cure in the work for that deadly west nile virus. you'll want to stick around to hear about it.
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almost sounds like bat man music. we are revealing the five richest cities in america. it ranks the cities according to median income. number one rich city, san jose, california. median income, $77,000. san francisco comes in at number two followed by us right here in washington, d.c. then there is the folks in seattle, washington, and san diego rounding out the top five. >> a live look outside right
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now where they are playing soccer. everybody has on shorts and t- shirts. topper will be along in minutes to let you know. >> she harassed me. she hit me. she kicked me in public. >> so, does the justice system treat male and female victim of abuse differently? when we come back.
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only on 9, a troubling case of domestic abuse. in this instance, the victim is a man. the abuser now convicted is a woman. andrea mccarren sat down with the victim who believes there is a troubling disperty with the way the system treats male and female victims of abuse. >> she stalked me. she harassed me. she's hit me. she's kicked me. >> what began as telephone harassment, quickly escalated into physical assault. >> it's not cool for a man to hit a woman. it's not cool for a woman to hit a man. >> demanded that his abuser stay away from his home, workplace, and family. yet she repeatedly defied them. >> she has called my employers. told them i'm a thief and not to be trusted. >> court records reveal the exgirlfriend with whom he spent less than a year has repeatedly stalked, harassed, and assaulted him.
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even in public places. inside a courthouse, and on a metro train. >> i cannot react. i can't strike. i can't push. anything like that is going to put me in a whole world of trouble. >> if the roles were reversed, he's convinced the judicial system would be treating him differently. >> i would be in jail right now waiting for a court date without a bond. >> it's almost like the domestic violence system wants to see you after you have been beat up, stabbed, shot. >> his current girlfriend has helped him navigate the judicial system. >> i'm afraid for anyone, male or female, who is the target of someone like the person that we've had to deal with these past two years because clearly the system is ineffective. >> for now, the couple lives in constant fear that his ex or someone working on her behalf will strike again. >> it's an intense feeling. i know at any moment, she could pop up or have someone pop up
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behind me. >> something bad is going to happen. you know, something bad has already happened. >> andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> the abuser was recently convicted of stalking and telephone misuse and she'll be sentenced tomorrow morning and could face as much as 18 months in jail. however, in the past, she's only received suspended sentences and unsupervised probation. a health alert for you tonight about a possible cure for the deadly west nile virus. according to the centers for disease control, 48 states have reported more than 3100 cases of this disease in people. 40% of those cases alone are in texas. so, it is no surprise, scientists of texas tech university in el paso may be on the verge of a breakthrough. one doctor and his team say they successfully killed the disease in mice and hopeful the cure will work in people as well, but it could take five years or more to prove it. a heartbreaking truth that the doctor has to explain to desperate family members of
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dying victims. >> i was getting sick because it's something we can't offer to humans. with my ability, i would do it today. >> the texas tech team now preparing to seek funding and permission to eventually begin all important human trials. 134 people have died of this disease. the monday night meltdown, or maybe you call it the inaccurate reception or the fail mary, whichever you choose to use, last night's game between the packers and seattle seahawks shined a harsh light on rete placement referees now making the calls in the nfl. thanks to a questionable call, except for a weird extra point, seattle won. time was running out. now the rest declined to call an interference. a catch and a seattle game winner. folks we talked to today, the commissioner to end the lockout against the veteran.
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>> reach an agreement immediately will be the normal. >> what would you do about it? >> i would tell roger goodell to go ahead and do it already. >> it may not be goodell, it's probably the owners in charge of this. so, what do you think aught to be done about the replacement referee? chime in, let us know what's going on. send an e-mail to and tomorrow in the broadcast, we will read your comments on the air. >> you're going to get a lot, my friend. >> i hope so. a full, fat, plump mcginty's mail bag. >> as we watch it over and over again. one referee was turned around and thought the green bay touched down. because he caught the ball. >> clearly it was an interception. >> cold front on the way tomorrow, but ahead of the cold front, going to feel like summer. we're talking 80s tomorrow. let's start with a live look outside. this is a live look at from tyson's. this is our michael and son weather cam.
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76 was the high. we're 73 downtown, which isn't bad. clouds are here, but the air mass is too dry. dew point 49. you have time to do stuff outside. no worries until after midnight. winds south, southwest at 9. pressure steady over the past hour. 30.14 inches of mercury. satellite picture, radar combined. showers stretching from cincinnati back through st. louis and south of kansas city. well, that's the way the frontal boundary is orienting itself from west to east. that's not a good thing if you want this to go through us and clear us out and have a return to nice fall weather. the problem is, it is going to just get through as we get into wednesday night late or thursday morning and then just sort of play cat and mouse with us. in the meantime, clouds on the way. big batch of showers and storms dispated. simply run into dry air. there's more showers back in the ohio valley and a couple showers are possible again after midnight for us and before dawn. it looks like a two prong system with showers and a thunderstorm. currently it's nice.
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67 in bethesda. 69 in great falls and also in fairfax. still 74 in college park and 67 in bowie. the clouds coming in and the southwest winds, temperatures are not going to fall like a stone. in fact, touch of summer on the way. milder tonight. you might need your umbrella tomorrow at the bus stop. you might need your sunglasses and your windshield wipers on the way home. much warmer on wednesday. unsettled on thursday, but not a disaster. now by 2:30 in the morning, showers up 270. it's all green. it's all light activity. that moves through, but perhaps it's enough to wet some of the roads tomorrow morning and we return to sunshine by mid to late morning and early afternoon. and another batch of showers may move through between 4:00 and about 7:00. so not a lot of activity tomorrow. enjoy the warmth. we're going to keep it code green. 83 tomorrow. a couple showers, maybe a storm. 75 on thursday. a few showers. the ravens game should be okay with temperatures in the 60s. and a few showers possible on friday. temperatures again in the mid
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70s. next seven days. well, we have a shower on saturday, but we cleaned it up a lot, my friends. a shower also on sunday, but we cleaned it up a lot. no nor'easter lurking anymore and very nice monday and tuesday of next week. nats return on monday. >> happy to see the nor'easter go away. >> i am, too. >> exactly. what am i saying, we don't want it any time. let's get to the weird news files because sometimes the life of the party might just be the death of you. check out the alligator in the backyard swimming pool. okay, he's kind of small. would you believe he has been invited. most alligator handlers make house calls to take gators out of backyard pools, but barrett says hey, let him join the party. you want to spice up your birthday bash or holiday weekend, bring in bob. you supply the pool, he will supply you with a gator. mouth taped shut. if this gator business is fishy, maybe it is. the florida fish and wildlife agency is looking into bob and
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his buddies are breaking any laws. but you know, gator with his mouth taped. >> they would be out of that pool. yeah, they would. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address is 9news now will be right back.
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in our mail bag tonight, free plan b for high schoolers? yesterday we asked what you thought about the proposal in new york to hand out the morning after contraceptive pill to girls as young as age 14 without parental permission. michelle says, what are you nuts? absolutely not. giving free contraceptives to high school kids is like the federal government proposing to give free contraceptives to
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women. over reach, somewhat immoral and a waste of taxpayer dollars. wait a second, michelle, is the government proposing to do that? last i heard the administration wanted insurance companies to provide coverage free of charge and how is helping grown women get contraception the same as providing it to girls who would be considered too young to see an r-rated movie? otherwise, michelle, we're on the same page. and then there was this reaction to what i said yesterday regarding vice president joe biden's infamous back in chains comment. robert writes, i wish you'd stop insisting that few, if any african americans were offended by the vice president's remark because you know of one who found it to be perhaps the single most offensive statement i have ever heard from a public official. biden is saying that my status can never be truly equal to those whose ancestors were never in chains. despite never been in chains, just because of my skin color, i can go back into them. you have to be crazy not to be
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deeply offended by that. okay robert, you were deeply offended. i'm surprised, but maybe someone else was, too. the address here, mailbag@wusa9k. don't forget to include your name. we want to hear from you. that is our report. i'll be right back here at 11:00 along with anita brikman and topper shutt. you can log on any time you like to we'll see you later on. bye bye.
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"entertainment tonight," the worldwide leader in entertainment news. kirstie uncensored. >> you got to say. >> backstage with "e.t." after her all-star debut. >> seriously? did "the voice" beat "dancing with the stars"? plus policeman andersson and is the stars after dark. the emmy moments that you haven't seen. >> and where we caught one winner with her award in a bag. then, usher's ex-wife. >> this is your first win interview. >> tameka raymond opens up about their ugly custody battle. >> why would a judge give usher primary custody? >> cash is king. >> what she only told me iid

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